Friday, November 6, 2015

Unique Job Offers!

Our blog was recently offered some unique positions in the Phoenix Area. As it works out, there is an independant contractor position that is opening up for this jet charter company. How it will work out is that you will be assigned a specific position as an independent contractor for their business. Any clients that you are able to find will be awarded directly unto you, but managed by the higher ups in the company. This is a great oportunity for someone looking for a low risk investment into a highly profitable industry. The way to get clients in the modern day and age is to get to know them which means going to their events, eating with them, dancing with them, and over all making yourself available to them. By doing this, you will become the first person on their mind when they need a service like the one you offer. This gets you that first call and then you have to earn their business with better prices and higher quality options. Of course it comes back to you to turn them into lifetime clients with better customer service. The most important aspects of this job are abilities to take on heavy customer loads, manage time, and provide unbelievably fantastic rates and service!

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